The real yearly horoscope for 2019

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The first months of the year are a time of change and reform. It will last until May. This period is suitable for a serious update, important, deliberate steps. Such processes are possible on a personal, professional and even at the state level. In this case, the beginning of the year is not suitable for risky experiments. Whatever you do – a responsible approach is very important, only it allows you to get the desired results without errors and sacrifices.

In winter, you can focus on education and spiritual self-improvement. January and February are also suitable for finding ways to express yourself creatively. Therefore, any hobbies, hobbies, new interests at this time are very desirable. Do not stand still – you can do a lot for yourself.

Around mid-March, the period associated with the renewal will begin, and it will be noticeable in all areas of life. It will not be easy for everyone here. Someone new is very easy, and someone has a long and painful to destroy the old, to take the next step.

April is associated with a return to what was started earlier. This trend extends to work, and hobbies, and personal life. In the latter case, however, the “return” does not need to be understood literally. It is possible, for example, to meet with a person very similar to the one whom you knew before. Another likely option is relationships that differ from those recently ended only by the identity of your partner.

annual horoscope 2019

May is very fruitful. At this time, it is better to listen to the prompts of the inner voice, to be guided by them. The fact is that the subconscious gives surprisingly clear answers to many questions, you just need to take them into account. There may be an interest in everything unusual, surprising, mysterious.

The first months of summer, though full of worries, are unlikely to be marked by any significant events. However, small changes are possible for the better, which will be the result of your efforts. But August will help to figure out what you did not understand before, will give answers to many questions of the past. The impact of this trend will continue in September. At the beginning of autumn, new tasks will begin to arise in front of you, in the solution of which the recently acquired experience will help.

October is associated with emotions, often strong or contradictory. It depends on you whether they will be destructive or inspiring. Own experiences can be a great material for creativity.

November is associated with the receipt of news, perhaps very important, all turning upside down. In December, the influence of this tendency will continue, sometimes seriously disturbing those who are used to the usual course of events and would prefer to stick with it in the future.


You are often angry about trifles. This is dangerous: if you give in to emotions, you can do what you later regret. Sometimes you yourself don’t understand why in the middle you interrupt important conversations, refuse to help offered by friends or from participating in promising projects. Often just need a pause. When you rest, much will become clear, it will be much easier to move towards the goal.

It will be difficult to focus on work that requires accuracy and accuracy. There may be errors in the calculations, because of which later everything will have to be redone.


Get ready to improvise, experiment and take risks. This day is one big challenge. Success depends largely on how well you know yourself, how much you trust your intuition, and whether you can quickly make a decision with only a minimum of information.

Probably, it will be difficult to avoid minor family problems, misunderstandings, disagreements with relatives. Most often, such difficulties are related to the fact that people to whom you care about, try to keep you from rash actions, call for caution when you want to take risks.


January and February are favorable for those who understand well: to succeed, you need to make an effort. There are tense and difficult moments, but almost always you will have a chance to cope with the situation, to find a successful way out.

March is associated with a change in interests. New goals appear, often lying outside the material sphere. There is an interest in unusual philosophical ideas. You willingly communicate with people who have very original outlook on life. Mutual sympathy can start a new romantic relationship. Work fades into the background, and success in it can be very modest.

April and May will be associated with strong emotions, the cause of which you often do not fully understand. For many Gemini, this period is associated with growing up, and it does not depend on age: it’s just that you will look more mature at many things.

Summer is the time of creativity and the search for your destination. You have a lot of unusual talents, now you can find a use for them. It is useful to learn, expand horizons, hone skills. It is important not to spend this time idly, without any business. Such a vacation will not benefit.

September will be somewhat disturbing, at this time problems are possible in almost all spheres of life. But later the situation will improve, and the influence of positive trends will prevail until the end of the year.


Be careful in January. At this time, it is easy to make mistakes, to accomplish what later will have to regret. Do not risk, do not overestimate their capabilities. It is important to strive for order and stability in everything, not to chase after the thrill.

Later there will be a favorable period for work. Focus on it in February and March, and you will achieve notable success: career growth, and increased income. Your authority will increase, there will be more people willing to cooperate with you or offer their services. You can try to force in new areas, there is a chance that during this period you will find a deal that you will be happy to do for many years.

Before the beginning of summer, pleasant days await you, but then (and quite unexpectedly), serious tests can begin. We’ll have to fight with strong enemies, to protect their interests. All this takes a lot of energy, and it is important to take care of yourself so that its reserves do not run out. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the excesses, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some improvement will be noticeable in September and October, but in general the picture will remain tense until November. Then, little by little, the situation will start to change for the better, most likely due to the intervention of your friends and other close people. December is favorable, promises pleasant surprises and positive emotions.

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