chinese new year 2019 – year of the pig will be lucky

In China they did not premiere on January 1, but today they celebrate the Chinese New Year 2019 (corresponding to year 4716 of their lunar calendar), the most important traditional festival in the Asian country, also called the Spring Festival. This Chinese New Year has the sign of the pig as central figure, leaving behind the year of the dog.

The celebrations seek to attract good luck towards the new year and dye red lanterns (this color calls good fortune), dragons, incense and gunpowder a good part of the planet. Yes, this year the capital of China has run out of gunpowder and fireworks due to pollution.

The Chinese calendar is based on ancient counts of time linked to agriculture and based on observing lunar cycles. According to its calendar, the appearance of the first new moon is the one that coincides with the change of year and with the festivities, something that usually occurs between February 5 21 and February 24.

As we have said, Beijing will not celebrate this year with firecrackers and fireworks, as it was approved in December a rule that prohibits them within the fifth ring, due to the intense contamination and the victims registered in accidents related to these items in the last years.

The Chinese New Year in the world

But not only we stay in the Asian country. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in much of the world and this week has been seen in celebrations as spectacular as the one held in New York with a fireworks display:

Elsewhere in the United States, the entrance to the lunar year is also celebrated, especially in Seattle, San Francisco or Washington. But this festival is celebrated in a quarter of the world: other countries with a relevant celebration are Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia …

London presumes to be the city that celebrates the Chinese New Year outside of Asia. There the parties in the center take place in the West End, from Shaftesbury Avenue, to the north, passing through Chinatown, to Trafalgar Square, which hosts the main events. Free activities organized by the London Chinatown Chinese Association and attract thousands of visitors each year.

In Sydney, when the new lunar year arrives in Chinatown, the neighborhood is adorned with color and music and the traditional New Year’s parade, night markets, concerts, fireworks are held …

The Spring Festival ends on Friday, March 2 with the Fiesta de las Lanternas, also known as the Yuanxiao Festival. Until then, many corners of the world celebrate the arrival of the Earth Dog Year.

In addition, in Spain the Chinese New Year is celebrated in cities like Madrid, with a fair, concerts, Asian dances and gastronomic routes in the district with the largest Chinese population, Usera. There will be activities until February 28.

Also in Barcelona, the Chinese New Year is celebrated: with a Chinese community of more than 19,000 people, they organize this event to maintain the traditions of the community, with a parade and during the whole Saturday there will be musical shows and there will be a gastronomic and cultural fair on the Paseo de Lluís Companys.

Other cities such as Valencia, Palma, Granada … will have this weekend activities related to the Year of the Land Dog: parades, exhibitions of Asian sports, music, days of gastronomy …

By the way, that the animal of this new year, the dog, promises to be generous for people in love, health and loyalty. Anyway, wherever you are and celebrate it as you celebrate it, happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Chinese Zodiac: The 5 Elements

Each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac is associated with one of the five elements. This is known as the fixed element of the sign.

Each of the five elements occurs within each animal sign once every 12 years. Therefore, each specific combination of elements and animals, for example, Ox of Fire – is repeated once every 60 years.

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The characteristics of a person are determined both by the dominant element of his sign, as well as the element of that particular year in which he was born. For example, a Water Rooster will be controlled by water and metal.

In this box you will see to which element each animal belongs. To know the characteristics of each sign in the 5 elements, click on the name. If you do not know what Chinese zodiac animal you are, click here:

How to calculate the element of the animals according to the Chinese Horoscope:

Those born in years ending in 0 or 1: will be Metal
Those born in years ending in 2 or 3: will be from Water
Those born in years ending in 4 or 5: will be made of wood
Those born in years ending in 6 or 7: will be Fire
Those born in years ending in 8 or 9: will be from Tierra

The characteristics of each element
Metal (金)

Those born under the metal element will have the following characteristics:

Elements of the chickens of the pope Strong points:

• Ambitious
• Competitive
• Good leadership qualities
• Fiercely independent
• Determined and motivated
• It is not easily influenced by others
• Do not get discouraged easily by failure or rejection
• A fighter who will not back down
• Handles difficulties in front, preferably only
• Disciplined and focused
• Spiritual and with high standards
• Strong instincts when it comes to monetary aspects


• Opinion
• Non-expressive, or expressed only up to a certain limit
• Can be very stubborn and unreasonable (especially if things do not go your way)
• Susceptible to being ruthless and cruel
• No fear of cutting ties with those who do not meet their expectations or have opposing views

Earth (土)

Those born under the element of the Earth will have the following characteristics:

Strengths :

• Naturally organized and effective planners
• Serious and practical
• Analytics
• Good perception of situations
• They keep things as concrete as possible, it is rare that they dramatize their findings
• Focus on things in a logical manner
• They work hard
• Wise and intelligent
• Natural entrepreneurs
• Very good at handling money
• Disciplined, reliable and stable
• Very responsible
• Able to make the most of their resources to carry out successful results
• Reliable, loyal and honest
• Good to advise others


• Conservatives and reserved
• Overprotectors
• Stubborn
• Stingy
• Not very adventurous; they do not like to take risks
• Unimaginative
• Bored